Truss livestock shelter in durable 610 g/m2 PVC

Truss livestock shelter for grazing animals or storage

A truss livestock shelter is essential when you want to provide adequate shelter for your livestock at all times. No matter the weather, they need a safe place to go to. For shade, shelter, and maybe feeding. This sturdy and flexible livestock shelter offers a strong and stable solution where horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, and other grazing animals can seek shade and shelter in the field or pasture throughout the year. The truss livestock shelter has a robust 610 g/m2 PVC cover over a sturdy, durable frame in the classic truss construction. The cover in sturdy PVC – or polyvinyl chloride – is a synthetic material renowned for its exceptional durability. It offers excellent resistance to weather elements, ensuring the shelter withstands sun, rain, snow, and other harsh conditions throughout the seasons.

A safe haven for your grazing animals

The PVC cover ensures optimal protection on three sides and provides a cosy and safe haven for your animals. The cover is waterproof, so your animals can seek shelter and remain dry even during heavy downpours. Moreover, the PVC material used is fire retardant, adding an extra layer of safety for your animals. Apart from the reliable PVC cover, the truss livestock shelter‘s strength lies in the frame made with truss construction. The truss design incorporates triangular frameworks that distribute weight and stress evenly, enhancing the structure’s overall stability. The livestock shelter‘s extra strength does not mean you have to compromise on flexibility. It is possible to take down and move the shelter when needed. Whether you need to relocate the shelter or adjust its position to accommodate changing grazing patterns, the flexibility of the structure makes the process simple and doable.

Use your livestock shelter for other purposes

As the name implies, the livestock shelter is made as a safe place for your grazing animals in the field and more. But apart from serving as a shelter for animals, the structure offers a multitude of other practical uses. Its spacious interior can be utilized for storing essential items such as fodder, hay, wood, or grain. You may also utilize the shelter as a feeding area, allowing you to conveniently provide fodder for your animals while protecting them from the elements. Furthermore, when your animals are housed elsewhere, the shelter proves invaluable for storing machinery, materials, and other farm supplies. Its versatility transforms it into a multipurpose storage solution, ensuring you have dedicated storage space for almost everything on the farm and more. You can see the various livestock shelters here:


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