Metal garden sheds

Bike storage sheds for shelter and safety

Bike storage sheds are increasingly popular after so many have taken up cycling. Cycling – on road or off-road – is no longer reserved for professional cyclists but has become increasingly popular with ordinary people. For many, cycling is a social event where you can meet others with the same interest, get some fresh air, and train outside often in beautiful scenery. But what to do with the precious bicycle when you get back home? Often, we spend quite a lot of money on the right bike, and it is essential to......

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Metal garage for your robotic lawnmower

A robotic lawnmower is great and can save you tons of hard and often dull work. The machine will move about more or less quietly doing what it is there for – cutting the grass, so your lawn always looks perfect and newly cut. From time to time, the machine needs to drive back to the docking station to recharge. Here our lawnmower garage in robust and maintenance-free metal panels will be perfect for protecting the precious lawnmower. Give the hard-working machine a nice break, well-protected from the sun and the rain......

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Garden sheds i metal, wood, or polycarbonate

Garden sheds come in many different sizes, designs, and materials. No matter what you prefer, a garden shed is hard to be without if you like to have all your garden tools, machines, and other accessories right by the hand. We offer a wide selection of high-quality garden sheds ranging from compact lean-to sheds with only a few m2 up to large and spacious garden sheds with room for two cars like our double metal garage with over 30 m2. Garden sheds in metal will last for many years Garden sheds or tool......

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