Wooden barrel saunas in beautiful Nordic wood

Wooden barrel saunas for the goor garden life and more

Wooden barrel saunas are classic saunas to be placed somewhere in your garden or your holiday home. The wooden barrel saunas are made of beautiful and durable Nordic spruce. The saunas do not take up a lot of room but will be an incredible luxury as a wooden barrel sauna provides many hours of pure joy. When you spend time inside a wooden barrel sauna, you will experience hours of relaxation and stress relief. A significant advantage of having a wooden barrel sauna at home is that you can use the sauna exactly when you want. Furthermore, you decide who you want to share the pleasant experience with, as opposed to public saunas.

Different types of wooden barrel saunas

You can have various saunas in different sizes and shapes – classic sauna cabins and modern barrel saunas. Do you want a wooden barrel sauna with one or two rooms, and which sauna heater do you want? No matter which sauna you select and order, you will enjoy this hot room right outside in the garden. You can look forward to turning on the sauna and having a great time, distressing after work or after a good workout. In short, having a wooden barrel sauna means a lot of quality time whenever you like.

Select the sauna heater you prefer

Our wooden barrel saunas are delivered without the essential sauna heater. That is why you need to order the heater you want while ordering the sauna. Do you already have a sauna and need a new heater? Please feel free to order the heater separately from us. As you know, a sturdy heater is required to produce the sauna’s wonderful heat. The heat increases your pulse rate, and your blood vessels dilate as your heart starts pumping a little faster. You can have a classic sauna heater in stainless steel or a heater in the shape of a water drop hanging on the sauna’s wall. The sauna stones are enclosed for both types of heaters.

Wooden barrel saunas for relaxation, pain relief, and pure joy  

Spending time inside a steamy, hot sauna is a wonderful feeling for many people. You can experience a sense of happiness as your whole body is exposed to the heat, and every muscle in the body warms up and relaxes. Having a sauna at home in the garden ensures quality time after work whenever you feel like it. Maybe you have had a tiresome day at work or been out running, cycling, or swimming – then you can look forward to a pleasant time in the sauna. The concept of the sauna is thousands of years old and has been used all over the world. People everywhere have enjoyed a steamy hot room for relaxation, pain relief and contemplation through the ages. See all our beautiful wooden barrel saunas here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/saunas.aspx