Sauna heater

Outdoor sauna cabin for relaxing and reviving in your garden

Having an outdoor sauna cabin in your garden is a great luxury and can work wonders for your mental and physical health. When you spend some time in a steamy hot sauna in the privacy of your garden, you will experience cleansing, relaxation, and even weight loss if you use it regularly combined with exercise and more. When you sit inside a sauna, your skin temperature rises, your pulse rate goes up, and your blood vessels dilate. This incredible feeling is all caused by your heart pumping faster in the heat. You......

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Wooden barrel saunas for the goor garden life and more

Wooden barrel saunas are classic saunas to be placed somewhere in your garden or your holiday home. The wooden barrel saunas are made of beautiful and durable Nordic spruce. The saunas do not take up a lot of room but will be an incredible luxury as a wooden barrel sauna provides many hours of pure joy. When you spend time inside a wooden barrel sauna, you will experience hours of relaxation and stress relief. A significant advantage of having a wooden barrel sauna at home is that you can use the sauna......

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