Camouflage equipment

Camouflage tents and other camouflage products

Camouflage tents, pop-up gazebos, storage tents, tarpaulins, and camo netting – everything with the popular and well-known camouflage pattern. Our wide line of high-quality camouflage products is made for everything from a professional purpose to fun and games. You can use the various camouflage tents and more for things like fishing, hunting, sports events, and various fun and games in nature. Our range of camouflage tents and other products is for everybody with an active lifestyle outdoor. You can also use some of the camouflage articles for indoor events like fairs, parties,......

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Translucent tarpaulins for storage and more

Translucent tarpaulins are an important part of our wide selection of strong and affordable tarpaulins. In fact, we can offer you the largest selection of tarpaulins on the market. No matter what you need to cover, protect or store, we can offer you a suitable tarpaulin. Check out the great selection at Here you will find strong and affordable tarpaulins ranging from our PE 65 g/m2 up to our heavy-duty PVC 600 g/m2 tarpaulins – all in various sizes and colours. We offer light and affordable tarpaulins for private customers as......

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Camouflage products

Dancover now offers camouflage tents, camo netting and tarpaulins with the well-known camouflage pattern as a part of our vast assortment of high-quality products for outdoor living. The various camouflage products are all perfect for different kinds of outside activities like fishing, hunting, sports, fun and games. Are you going hunting or on a photo shoot in the wild? A camouflage FleXtents® pop-up gazebo or a lightweight camping tent with a camouflage pattern will help you blend in perfectly with the surroundings. With the right equipment, you can be present in the......

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