Garden Storage Boxes

Fire bowls from CosyLifeStyle

Dancover offers a broad range of high-quality products for the garden and patio like our attractive and elegant poly rattan lounge furniture, garden furniture, dining sets, parasols, and garden storage boxes. Add to this our large party barbecue charcoal grill made for festive events with many guests as well as our series of high-quality fire bowls from our brand CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover High-quality fire bowls for a cosy lifestyle Our fire bowls include a range of elegant, sturdy fire bowls and various accessories like a lid and mesh screens. The sturdy fire......

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Dining set with comfortable chairs

Imagine a beautiful day on the patio, your friends and family are gathered, and you are seated at a modern dining table with comfortable poly rattan chairs. It could be the Key West Dining Set from Dancover – it would fit the description. Maybe you have a large and functional parasol to provide shade over your garden furniture set or – if it is a late dinner – to shelter you from the falling dew at dusk. Overall, with the elegant garden furniture set Key West, you have the perfect setting for......

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Garden Storage boxes

Garden storage boxes are the well-known boxes or containers seen on many patios and in many yards. These practical garden boxes are perfect for storing all kinds of things you need on the patio or in your garden. The boxes are perfect for storing things like cushions, blankets, throws, toys and sports equipment to be used in the garden. With a garden storage box, you have your cushions and much more right at hand. Forget about having to fetch the cushions from inside the house or going to the shed every time......

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