Portable garages for all kinds of interim storage

Portable garages for everything from garden tools to your camper or boat

Portable garages are made to shelter and protect cars and other vehicles and vessels. The sturdy portable garages can also hold many other items you need to store for a short period or longer. Whether you are a professional or a private customer, we can supply you with a portable garage to meet your requirements. You may want to store a car, a small boat, a trailer, a jet ski, a garden tractor or various materials or goods. Please note that if you need something bigger than our portable garages, we also offer a wide range of storage shelters. In short, if you need to store and protect something, we will likely have the best solution regarding m2, flexibility, stability and price.     

Portable garages are flexible and affordable shelters    

Portable garages and storage shelters are made to protect all kinds of vehicles, vessels, MCs, bikes and a wide range of materials and goods. If you do not have very much to be sheltered, you can order a portable garage measuring just 2×2 m. This small portable garage will fit nicely almost anywhere. The different portable garages are spacious and have good headroom and a large door, which makes it easy to get in and out. You can have a variety of smaller portable garages for one or more cars and larger storage shelters with room for many vehicles, machines or materials. Did you know that we offer storage shelters up to several hundred square metres? That means that most can find a flexible and affordable storage solution here.

Make your portable garage even safer    

The popular portable garages are made of PE or PVC, and you can have them with a UV-protected and flame-retardant cover. All the various portable garages have a 100% waterproof cover. You can have the shelters in shiny white, elegant grey or natural forest green, so your storage shelter and portable garage will blend nicely in the surroundings. A dirt skirt and extra flooring will give you even better protection against the wind and moisture from the ground. You can order a Safety Pack with storm straps and ground pegs to make your tent safer. Using this pack, you can sleep at night without worrying if it gets windy outside. Your portable garage can always be disassembled, moved and stored if you do not need it for a while. See all our sturdy and durable portable garages here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/portable-garages-6.1.aspx