retractable tunnels

retracable tunnel from Dancover

Our flexible and high-quality retractable tunnels provide a safe way for the players or artists to go undisturbed from the locker room or backstage and out onto the field or the stage. The retractable tunnel is easy to pull out to full length to protect players and others from a dedicated and maybe a little too enthusiastic crowd. After use, it is also easy to retract the strong and flexible tunnel so it takes up a limited space when not in use. The retractable tunnel is obvious to use at various sports......

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Retractable tunnels for storage and more

Dancover is proud to present a wide range of retractable tunnels for many different purposes. The retractable tunnels in an elegant Italian design are flexible, sturdy, and offer many practical and durable solutions for storage, shelter, cover, and much more. The retractable tunnels come as innovative folding tunnel garages for cars, MCs, and caravans as well as large and spacious storage shelters, elegant pool covers, and sturdy stadium tunnels. All our different retractable tunnels have a strong and flexible scissor frame covered with a sturdy and durable cover. Retractable tunnels as an......

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