Boat shelters

Boat shelters and other boat ccessories

Boat shelters are made to protect your boat when it is on land during the winter and at other times for that matter. We have designed and developed our various boat shelters to shelter and protect different types of boats. All our boat shelters have a solid steel frame and a sturdy cover in PE or heavy-duty PVC. Did you know that our PVC covers are superior to most other covers on the market when we are talking durability? The sturdy steel frame and covers are strong, waterproof and UV-resistant. Choose one......

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Boat shelters from Dancover

It is always a good idea to take care of your boat during summer and in the winter, too. Dancover has some high-quality boat shelters where you can store your boat during the winter and more when you need to have it inside a sturdy shelter for protection during the time when you do not use the vessel. As opposed to your car, which has been made for all year use, your boat has many more exposed parts that will corrode over time. If you do not cover and shelter your boat......

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