Hydroponic grow tower for fresh green all year

Hydroponic grow tower for growing fresh green all year

Vertical gardening has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in urban areas with limited space for traditional gardening. The Aerospring hydroponic grow tower is a complete vertical gardening system designed for homes, schools, offices, and cafés, providing a low-pressure aeroponic system that delivers water, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots of plants. The Aerospring hydroponic grow tower is designed with a sturdy wheelbase that makes it easy to move around, even when it’s fully loaded with water and plants. The base has six lockable wheels, ensuring that the system stays in place. The system also includes an exhaust fan that helps to control temperature and humidity, creating the perfect growing conditions for the plants.

Grow tower with many smart features

The growth tower is constructed with a cover made of premium D600 Oxford polyester with PVC, which makes it sturdy and durable. The elegant hexagonal shape of the growth tower maximizes light exposure and allows the plants to receive the proper amount of light for optimal growth. The system has six built-in grow lights that ensure increased yield and encourage better plant growth. The Aerospring hydroponic grow tower also has a watering system with a submersible 23W pump. The pump pulls water from a 75l reservoir and showers the roots of the plants, providing them with the necessary water, nutrients, and oxygen. The tower has room for up to 27 plants. You do not have to work with wet and dirty soil when you have a grow tower.

Modern grow tower with an amazing yield

The vertical grow system uses rock wool to create more airspace for the roots, increasing oxygen flow, and allowing the plants to grow faster and healthier. The lighting and irrigation system is automated and can be scheduled through a Wi-Fi timer, which can be controlled using a downloadable app. This means that the grow tower can be monitored and adjusted remotely, making it easier to maintain the plants even when you are away. Overall, the Aerospring hydroponic grow tower is an efficient and modern vertical gardening system that is perfect for your home, office or even a café or similar. You will experience high productivity and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in growing fresh plants all year round. You can see and order the elegant grow tower here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/product/hydroponics-grow-tower-aerospring-185×85-cm-grey-2.aspx