Metal garage

Metal sheds in strong panels

Garden sheds from Dancover come in many different sizes and models so you can always find the garden shed you are looking for right here. We offer you sturdy maintenance free sheds in strong, lightweight steel plates or in weatherproof and durable polycarbonate with a skylight providing natural light inside the shed during the daytime. The spacious garden sheds provide the perfect shelter for your garden tools, machinery, and more all year round. Now is the time to find and order your new garden shed from Dancover. With a garden shed in......

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Tool sheds

Garden sheds from Dancover are made of strong, lightweight steel plates. The spacious sheds provide perfect shelter for your garden tools and much more all year round. Right now is the perfect time to select and erect your new garden shed. Having a garden shed gives you every opportunity to put all your garden tools and machines the same place for you to be able to find everything you need in no time. With a well-organised garden shed, it is so much easier to keep the garden beautiful and well kept. With......

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Storage solutions

A sturdy and durable storage solution for your car and more could be our ProShed metal garages with large double doors securing an easy access to the garage. The garage has a strong steel frame, great ventilation, and a sliding bolt lock. Suitable for your car, motorcycle, small boat and much more. Take good care of your car during the winter – and the rest of the year Dancover is the leading expert when it comes to storage and cover solutions – including your car, motorcycle and other vehicles. Imagine that your......

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