Garden pavilions

Wooden sheds with an overhang for storage and more

A wooden shed is a classic and practical solution for storing all kinds of things – from garden tools and machines to bits and bobs for use on the patio and more. We have many wooden sheds of different sizes and some sheds have an overhang. The shed with an overhang is perfect for storing even more – things like bikes, materials, firewood, and more. All our sheds have easy access and can be locked, so you can have your things well sheltered and protected. The room under the overhang is open,......

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Garden pavilions for many wonderful hours outside

A garden pavilion creates an almost magical feeling and ambience in a garden – whether you place the pavilion on the patio or somewhere else in the garden. Our pavilions will also work beautifully in most other places – at the beach, by a lake, in a marina – or anywhere else you need a place to be out of the sun and sheltered from a summer shower. If you order a pavilion with sidewall curtains, you can make the pavilion even more private and cosy – and can be sheltered from......

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