Beautiful wooden greenhouse with polycarbonate

Wooden greenhouse with polycarbonate for perfect growth conditions

Elegant and modern wooden greenhouse in natural spruce and 4 mm opaque polycarbonate window panes. This unique greenhouse offers an amazing soft light inside thanks to the opaque polycarbonate panels, which have a light transmission of over 70 %. This will provide sufficient light to the plants and protect them from being scorched by too much sunlight, as one sometimes experiences with clear greenhouse windows. The elegant structure will extend the garden season and provide a wonderful place to grow all kinds of plants. This modern greenhouse can help you enjoy abundant vegetables, fruit and beautiful flowers.

It provides a diffuse and pleasant light inside

This modern greenhouse in wood and polycarbonate creates the perfect environment for growing a wide range of produce, which requires a protected and hot environment that you may not be able to provide outside in the garden. As opposed to greenhouses with clear windows, you may not be able to sit inside enjoying the view of the garden. However, this beautiful wooden greenhouse will protect your plants from being scorched by the sun and create perfect growing conditions. The large door and the ventilation window can help you regulate the temperature and air humidity. That way, the conditions are always optimal.   

Get inspiration to make the most of your wooden greenhouse

The reason for buying a wooden greenhouse – or any other greenhouse – is often the dream of home-grown produce like tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, grapes and all sorts of flowers. If you have questions about choosing plants for your new greenhouse – and how to plant, nurse and make the most of the plants – we advise you to visit your local nursery or garden centre. However, please visit our Greenhouse Guide if you need inspiration about where to place the wooden greenhouse, make the right base, or prepare the greenhouse for winter. Here you can find inspiration but everything about having a greenhouse – except the plants. We know a lot about greenhouses – we are not a garden centre!  

Modularo® is a modern lifestyle brand

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