Raised gardenbeds

Raised garden bed in GPPS

Raised garden beds come in many materials and sizes for you to make your garden, patio and greenhouse as beautiful as possible. Having one or more raised garden beds makes it possible to enjoy an abundance of beautiful flowers from the early spring and long into the autumn and beyond, depending on the sort of plants you choose. One of the elegant solutions, when you look for a raised garden bed, is our new raised garden beds in strong and durable wood-look GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene). The surface of the garden bed......

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Greenhouse accessories like irrigation systems and more

Greenhouse accessories can help you make your greenhouse experience even better. Many of the various accessories for your greenhouse can make sure that the indoor climate is optimal at all times and others make sure that your plants never dry out. Among other things, you can find irrigation systems, vent windows, raised garden beds, thermometers, plant shelves, and much more. Having a greenhouse and some relevant greenhouse accessories will give you many hours of joy in your garden. With the optimal indoor climate, ventilation, and the right amount of water and maybe......

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