Chicken coops

Chicken coop in recycled PVC

A modern and sturdy chicken coop in the garden will give you hours of fun, not to mention organic eggs every day. Healthy living with home-grown organic products is much more than a trend. It is a way of life that has come back as a reaction to the hustle and bustle of everyday life filled with stress and too many hours in front of a device. We do not want to go back to nature, but we have a yearning for something more natural. Something that moves at a speed that......

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Hen house or chicken coop for your garden

Our charming chicken coops or hen houses with run will look amazing in your garden, at a hobby farm somewhere in the outskirts of a town, or way out in the countryside for that matter. There is room for 4-6 laying birds in the hen house – that will provide you with plenty of fresh, organic eggs throughout the year depending on the kind of chickens you have. We have seen an increase in the interest in keeping chickens together with the interest for organic food, home-grown produce, and healthy living. Apart......

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