Planter box

New and fun products for your urban gardening experience

Urban gardening is an easy and simple way to enjoy all sorts of vegetables, fruits and flowers even if you live right in the middle of a city. If you have access to a balcony, roof terrace or maybe a yard in connection with a residential building, you can enjoy some urban gardening as soon as the weather starts to warm up in the spring. We offer a wide range of classic raised garden beds, planter boxes, mini greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses, nurseries, and cold frames. Right now, we have introduced a series......

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Planter box cityjumgle for the balcony and patio

Living in a city, you may long for green plants and flowers where you live. Or maybe you just want to enjoy an abundance of lush green leaves and flowers on the patio. Our modern and maintenance-free planter box Cityjungle with trellis will fit in almost anywhere, so you can enjoy all kinds of climber plants and much more on the balcony or roof terrace. Enjoy the plants climbing up the trellis, filling it with flowers and/or vegetables all summer. The maintenance-free planter box can hold 34 litres of soil and has......

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Raised flowerbed with clear cover

Raised flowerbeds in a light, elegant, and timeless design. A raised flowerbed with a sturdy and transparent cover makes up the perfect mini greenhouse for all sorts of plants from the early spring and on. The compact flowerbeds and greenhouses from our popular brand Garden Collection are perfect for the patio, balcony or somewhere in the garden. When you grow something in a raised flowerbed, it is easy to access the plants when you want to remove weeds, nurse the plants, and water the soil. You can assemble the various raised flowerbeds......

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