Air tents

Tents4Trees Dancover Myanmar

Dancover and the concept Tents4Trees have now planted over 20.000 trees in Zambia. Now they are starting a new important climate project. This time Dancover and Tent4trees are planting mangrove trees in the Yangon coastal regions of Myanmar. The Tents4Trees concept will plant a tree for every tent sold. Dancover is sure that it will mean many new mangroves in Myanmar. Tents4Trees have chosen Myanmar in cooperation with Global Climate Institute Dancover has been cooperation with Global Climate Institute both in Zambia and now in Myanmar. The reason that we chose Myanmar......

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Modern camping tents with many features

Nothing compares to a trip into the wild – or to a camping site with all modern conveniences if you prefer. Take one of our modern and functional camping tents and enjoy the unique feeling of waking up listening to birds singing and with nature all around you. Our TentZing® and FlashTents® have all the features and comfort of a high-quality camping tent and with our FlashTents® Air you do not even have to spend time assembling and inserting any poles – you simply inflate the camping tent to pitch it, and......

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Air tents make camping easy

Dancover offers a wide range of high-quality camping tents – including the innovative and popular air tents. Air tents are some of the easiest camping tents to pitch. Forget about the well-known steel and fibreglass poles, which often get mislaid, broken or are plain impossible to insert into the rod pockets. With an air tent, you simply pump up the air tube beams with the enclosed air pump. Because of the innovative air tubes, your air tent is ready within minutes. The sturdy, inflatable air beams, which have replaced the poles, become......

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