cantilever parasols

Large and square cantilever parasols from CosyLifeStyle by Dancover

Large and square cantilever parasols provide the best shade and shelter in the garden and other places during the summer – and often before and after high season, too. May we suggest that you choose some parasols with great style and functionality? We have integrated design, high quality and functionality into our new and beautiful CosyLifeStyle® cantilever parasols – Havana and Antigua. Try and say these names out loud – isn’t it like you can almost feel the warmth from the bright sun and the pleasant shade just hearing the words?   Cantilever parasols......

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parasols from Dancover

Parasols are an indispensable part of being outside in the summer enjoying life in the garden or at the sea. Most of us love when the sun is shining but without a parasol, it can be difficult to enjoy the outdoors for a very long time. Parasols have been perfected for one thing; to provide pleasant shade. The concept of parasols is therefore extremely simple, but when you are looking for the right parasol(s) for your garden, patio, café, or hotel, a whole world of design, materials, and functionality opens up. At......

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