Pool cover

Pool robots will keep the pool clean and inviting

Pool robots are made for one thing – to clean pools. When you have a pool, leaves and dirt will inevitably fall or blow into the water, causing it to become cloudy and uninviting. It is always a good idea to cover the pool when you are not using it. You still have to use a pool robot from time to time, though. For in-ground and freestanding pools, you need to clean the bottom and sides, as the pump and filter cannot remove everything from the pool. If you have a pool,......

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Foldable pool cover

Strong and elegant pool cover tunnel for protecting your pool from dust and dirt during the summer and for general cover during the winter. The patented pool cover is a revolutionary protection system with a lightweight aluminium frame and a strong partly transparent PVC top cover. The sturdy nylon wheels make it easy to fold out the cover and to draw it back when you want to remove the cover again. As opposed to most other pool covers, you can go swimming even when the cover is over the pool. The two......

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