FleXtents PRO Steel

FleXtents Steel pop-up gazebos with 128 m2 for many guests

Our famous brand, FleXtents®, is the ultimate pop-up gazebo and the leading brand in Europe regarding portable, flexible pop-up gazebos. Now, we offer new solutions for big parties or events with many guests. The most extensive solution is the 16×8 m pop-up gazebo, with room for over 100 guests! You can also have a 9×6 m, 12×6 m, and 12×8 m. The flexible solutions are all white with large Georgian-style windows to provide a perfect inflow of light. The various pop-up solutions consist of three or four FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos. The......

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FleXtents PRO Steel pop-up gazebos for all kinds of events

Our FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are the leading European brand regarding flexible, durable, and affordable pop-up gazebos. You can experience these elegant, lightweight structures at private parties and professional events. The popular series FleXtents® PRO Steel is a relatively new addition to the family, which can boast almost 2,000 combinations when counting size, design, materials, colours, accessories and digital print. Overall, the FleXtents® pop-up gazebos result from our dedicated product development focusing on offering the best within light, robust, and highly flexible pop-up gazebos. The FleXtents® PRO Steel pop-up gazebos have arisen by......

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