Raised flowerbeds

Urban gardening in raised garden beds and greenhouses

Urban gardening has become trendy, with people everywhere caring for the environment. The concept is quite simple – to grow food right where you live, even in the middle of a large city. We can all buy ecological fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. Thus, today it is not a question of need as it was during the Second World War when people made gardens in the cities. It is from the sheer pleasure of seeing things grow that inspire people to start an urban gardening project. At the same time, you......

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Greenhouse accessories like irrigation systems and more

Greenhouse accessories can help you make your greenhouse experience even better. Many of the various accessories for your greenhouse can make sure that the indoor climate is optimal at all times and others make sure that your plants never dry out. Among other things, you can find irrigation systems, vent windows, raised garden beds, thermometers, plant shelves, and much more. Having a greenhouse and some relevant greenhouse accessories will give you many hours of joy in your garden. With the optimal indoor climate, ventilation, and the right amount of water and maybe......

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Raised flowerbed with clear cover

Raised flowerbeds in a light, elegant, and timeless design. A raised flowerbed with a sturdy and transparent cover makes up the perfect mini greenhouse for all sorts of plants from the early spring and on. The compact flowerbeds and greenhouses from our popular brand Garden Collection are perfect for the patio, balcony or somewhere in the garden. When you grow something in a raised flowerbed, it is easy to access the plants when you want to remove weeds, nurse the plants, and water the soil. You can assemble the various raised flowerbeds......

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