Freestanding patio heaters

Freestanding patio heaters can make a world of difference on the patio and more

Our freestanding patio heaters are easy-to-operate heaters that can improve your garden life considerably and more. When you want to enjoy an evening on the patio or inside a gazebo or marquee, an efficient patio heater can do a world of difference. We offer a wide range of modern and elegant patio heaters – both freestanding patio heaters and hanging patio heaters. The IKEMA heaters have a hanging model with a 1500 W heater lamp that comes with a wire and chain for easy mounting inside a gazebo or similar. When mounting......

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Patio heaters with remote control

Having one or more patio heaters can make a world of difference. When you want to stay outside on the patio or inside a marquee, a modern patio heater will make it possible to stay as long as you like. When you enjoy a day or an evening outside on the patio or somewhere in the garden, an effective patio heater can make you feel warm and comfortable as opposed to cold and uncomfortable. Having one of our modern and effective patio heaters with remote control and other smart features can bring......

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