Outdoor sauna cabins for relaxation and stress reduction

Outdoor sauna cabin for relaxing and reviving in your garden

Having an outdoor sauna cabin in your garden is a great luxury and can work wonders for your mental and physical health. When you spend some time in a steamy hot sauna in the privacy of your garden, you will experience cleansing, relaxation, and even weight loss if you use it regularly combined with exercise and more. When you sit inside a sauna, your skin temperature rises, your pulse rate goes up, and your blood vessels dilate. This incredible feeling is all caused by your heart pumping faster in the heat. You start to sweat, and soon you will feel a pleasant sensation of total relaxation. You will not only reduce stress – you can also revive sore muscles. The tradition of outdoor saunas or sauna cabins started in Scandinavia aeons ago and has been used for health, relaxation, and social events. 

The outdoor sauna cabins Levi and Ruka in solid Nordic spruce 

You can have different outdoor saunas, like sauna cabins and barrel saunas. The sauna cabins are made of durable 44 mm Nordic spruce (Picea Abies) and come in two sizes: 8.26 m2 and 3.6 m2. The large sauna cabin has two rooms, a glass door and a large window with double glazing in the sauna room. The smaller sauna cabin has one room, but both saunas have room for 3–4 persons. All our outdoor saunas will look unique and inviting in your garden and provide you with many wonderful and relaxing hours.

Outdoor sauna cabins are good for you

When you turn on the heat inside your sauna cabin, you will experience a feeling of joy as your endocrine glands start to get affected positively. So, heat your outdoor sauna cabin and enjoy some quality time after work or when you like it. The pleasant warmth relaxes your muscles, including those in your face and neck. We often experience tense muscles after a long day at work. If you exercise, a sauna cabin will also be fantastic. When you have been running, cycling, swimming or most other physical training, your body will feast in the heat and relax most pleasantly. You can almost feel the muscle tension dissolving after just a little while inside the sauna

Outdoor sauna cabins as part of our Modularo® brand

Modularo® is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on high quality, durability, and comfort. The brand offers a wide range of long-lasting wooden products like sheds, garden gazebos, wooden cabins, barrel saunas, and sauna cabins. These high-quality wooden products can make your garden life even better and more enjoyable for a long time. The brand offers elegant design, functionality, and a pleasant room for living. Please note that these elegant outdoor sauna cabins come without a sauna heater. You have to order the sauna heater separately! Please see our different wooden saunas and sauna heaters here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/saunas.aspx