wooden sheds

Beautiful shelter in larch wood

Shelters are beautiful and rough and can be perfect if you like spending time outside in the garden or somewhere else you would like to experience nature up close. In the garden, you can enjoy the evening and night in front of a bonfire inside the cosy shelter made of beautiful and durable lark wood, protected from the falling dew and maybe a little rain. Having a shelter is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time – alone or together with friends and family.......

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She sheds are the new garden trend

She sheds has come to stay if you ask some of the thousands of women who have made their own place inside a garden shed or gazebo. We have known the term man cave for many years and it has been generally accepted that a man needs some time for himself – to mess with some tools, watch sport on the television and all the other clichés. Now the time has come for women to claim some space for themselves – and for some reason the love has fallen on sheds in......

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Modularo wooden shed

Having a wooden shed in the garden provide room and shelter for all your garden tools, garden machines and much more. Here there is room for all the things you need in the garden or on the patio. Our new line of sturdy, wooden sheds will last for many years and making it much easier to keep your things in perfect order. At Dancovershop.com, you can find a wide range of garden sheds or tool sheds – in metal or wood – and in many sizes depending on what you need. Our......

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