Polycarbonate greenhouse from CosyLifeStyle

Polycarbonate greenhouses from our popular brand CosyLifeStyle® are a perfect choice if you have a small garden, want a compact greenhouse on the patio or just want to keep it simple. The small and sturdy greenhouses in aluminium and polycarbonate are also great for urban gardening – if you have a roof terrace, plan a city garden in an empty lot or if you live in a flat and want to start growing vegetables and flowers in the yard together with the other residents. The range of polycarbonate greenhouses from CosyLifeStyle® includes......

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Solid roof gazebos for creating a special place outside

An elegant solid roof gazebo can make a special place in your garden and create a wonderful setting for all kinds of social gatherings like celebrations and barbecues – or simply for relaxation and enjoying the garden even more on a daily basis. Use the sturdy and maintenance-free structure in the sunshine during the day, when it rains and in the evening. You can have many solid roof gazebos – many of the popular gazebos have sidewalls and mosquito nets, so you can close and open the gazebo as you like. We......

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CosyLifeStyle for all the good things in life

CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover is a modern lifestyle brand offering a wide range of high-quality products for you to enjoy outside in your garden, on the patio or just at home in general. The products have been developed and produced with a focus on design and functionality. Having a CosyLifeStyle® product means having a garden gazebo, pergola gazebo, greenhouse, and more elegance, comfort, and quality at the best price. CosyLifeStyle® offer you the perfect mix of quality and very competitive prices. We offer nice and elegant products in a modern design, made of......

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