wooden guesthouses

Wooden guest houses for all kinds of purposes

A spacious and inviting wooden guest house will make a wonderful setting for your guests and much more. You can have many types of wooden guest houses, but a common denominator is that a guest house should be cosy and inviting. You can use your wooden guest house for many wonderful purposes – as an office, for relaxation, as a studio, for exercise, as a playroom for the children, or as a spare room for the family teenagers. No matter what you use the wooden guest house for on a daily basis,......

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Garden houses for work, relaxation or guests

Our wide range of elegant garden houses in solid wood gives you the chance to find and select a practical and beautiful addition to your garden. You can choose from many designs and sizes. Most of our sturdy and elegant garden houses are made of Nordic wood (Picea Abies), which is a sturdy and durable material. Your wooden garden house will not only be a natural place to stay, but you will also enjoy the sturdy materials and look and feel of a wooden structure of this quality. You can have a......

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