dome tent

Modern camping tents with many features

Nothing compares to a trip into the wild – or to a camping site with all modern conveniences if you prefer. Take one of our modern and functional camping tents and enjoy the unique feeling of waking up listening to birds singing and with nature all around you. Our TentZing® and FlashTents® have all the features and comfort of a high-quality camping tent and with our FlashTents® Air you do not even have to spend time assembling and inserting any poles – you simply inflate the camping tent to pitch it, and......

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Affordable camping tents

Camping tents are an amazing thing – with a modern camping tent you can bring a small house with you everywhere you go. In no time, you can pitch your tent at a camping site or somewhere in the middle of nature – and you have a place to sleep and stay – even when the weather is acting up. You can also have a lot of fun pitching a camping tent in your back yard enjoying the sensation of sleeping outside waking up to the sound of a bird singing. Are......

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Camping tents get you closer to nature

At Dancover, we know a lot about tents in the widest possible sense of the word – marquees, storage shelters, and camping tents. Apart from being the no. 1 supplier in Europe of marquees, party tents, storage shelters and storage solutions, we also offer a wide range of high-quality camping tents. Camping tents for getting away and close to nature Camping tents cover everything from the affordable tent for playing in the garden, for a few nights at friends or maybe the music festival to the large high-quality family tent with room......

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June 18, 2014

Cheap Igloo tent

Looking for the perfect igloo tent, which is really easy to set up? And an igloo tent that has everything you need for a fantastic camping trip? Then take a look at Dancovers range of TentZing(TM) Igloo tents. TentZing igloo tents are available as 2 persons igloo tent, 3 persons igloo tent or 4 persons igloo tent. Igloo tents are perfect for any trip you are planning … whether your trip includes multiple stops or is a longer trip at one campsite. TentZing features lots of great details that provide high komfort......

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