Smart greenhouses for fresh produce all year

Smart greenhouses with innovative features for fresh produce

Urban gardening goes tech with these new cutting-edge smart greenhouses controlled by an app. The modern mini greenhouses have different features like irrigation systems, LED grow lights and heating, all managed by a web app. Furthermore, they have an automatic lid-opener for ventilation. Please note that you do not have to download anything from an app store – you control the greenhouse via Wi-Fi. Various data can be stored in your account, which you can access from anywhere and be notified if the plants need more water. Update the settings in the app from anywhere with an internet connection, and the greenhouse updates within half an hour. How about having an e-mail to alert you if the temperature in the greenhouse needs to be adjusted?

Cutting-edge greenhouses controlled with an app

Smart greenhouses are compact, efficient, and will fit almost anywhere. On the patio, the balcony, the yard and more. You can have 4 different models with flexible shelves and a base. You can have as many as 24 standard seed trays in our largest model. The smart greenhouses are perfect for everybody who enjoys fresh produce all year – at home or professionally at a café or restaurant. Due to the innovative features like an irrigation system for self-watering, an automatic ventilation opener, heater cables in the mesh shelves, and a LED grow light; you have every opportunity to produce an abundance of fresh produce throughout the year. Apart from the automatic window opener, which is operated by special wax and springs, the different features need electricity. Make sure you have a 240V outlet near the greenhouse.

Smart greenhouses with innovative features

These smart greenhouses are made to produce an abundance of fresh produce all through the year. The greenhouses have a built-in irrigation system for watering automatically following your set plan to get the perfect result every time. A water pump and a range of drippers and sprayers are included – simply add a container for the water. You also have heating with low-voltage, waterproof heater cables woven through the mesh shelves. This feature can extend the season by keeping the soil at the right growth temperature. When you turn on the heat, the smart greenhouse maintains a soil temperature of at least 10 °C above ambient. Finally, the built-in LED grow lights are waterproof and fitted under the shelves. The grow lights will boost the growth during the cold months or if the greenhouse faces north. The automatic lid opener does not need power – it will open and close the lid of the greenhouse when needed. On hot days, the lid will open to let out the excess heat and stay closed if cold. The double sliding door provides easy access to the plants, and the shelves are removable, so you can make perfect use of the space inside. See all the smart greenhouses here: