orangery and greenhouse

With an elegant orangery from Dancover, you will have the perfect place for relaxation, contemplation, and for growing flowers. A lightweight and sturdy orangery somewhere in your garden provides you with a unique room where you can enjoy some quietness and be sheltered from the elements. The orangery is also perfect for being outside in your garden even when the temperature is not quite high enough for just sitting outside. A light and elegant orangery will look beautiful in itself and at the same time add both style and ambience to your......

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Polycarbonate conservatories

Conservatories have been known for centuries and are still extremely popular as they add a fantastic room to almost any house. A conservatory from Dancover is both a greenhouse and a sunroom, where you are able to enjoy a wonderful warmth and a beautiful inflow of light. At the same time, you will feel as if being outside in your garden without having to worry about the weather. A modern conservatory provides you with an elegant extra room where you can grow exotic plants or just flowers and vegetables in need of......

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