In-ground pool

Pool robots will keep the pool clean and inviting

Pool robots are made for one thing – to clean pools. When you have a pool, leaves and dirt will inevitably fall or blow into the water, causing it to become cloudy and uninviting. It is always a good idea to cover the pool when you are not using it. You still have to use a pool robot from time to time, though. For in-ground and freestanding pools, you need to clean the bottom and sides, as the pump and filter cannot remove everything from the pool. If you have a pool,......

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Garden pools for staycation 2021

Do not miss out on our great selection of fun garden pools for the upcoming summer. Whether we like it or not, many of us will probably have another staycation this year. Then we have to be creative to make the summer fun for ourselves and our children. With a pool in the garden, you can look forward to many hours of great joy for all. We offer pools in various sizes, so you can choose the pool to fit your needs depending on the size of your family, how big the......

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