Wooden carports

Bin storage solutions for making the drive look nice

Our bin storage solution is an elegant and easy way to keep your drive looking nice, even though you have several wheelie bins. You can have single bin storage or double bin storage. The bin storage system is made for standard 240 l bins called wheelie bins, recycling bins or simply rubbish bins. The single bin storage is made for 1 bin or for hiding the front towards the road. The double is made for 2 bins. Do you have more than two bins, you can put two or more bin storage......

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Wooden carports to protect your car and more

Wooden carports are considered by many to be proper carports made of strong and durable materials. We also offer various other maintenance-free carports in steel and aluminium, but many prefer these classic carports, even though you have to maintain them a little from time to time. No matter which kind of carport you prefer, the sturdy structure will make sure that you do not have to worry about rain, snow, ice on the car windows in the morning, UV-rays on the paintwork, falling leaves and birds droppings. You simply park the car......

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