Safety equipment

Portable garages for everything from garden tools to your camper or boat

Portable garages are made to shelter and protect cars and other vehicles and vessels. The sturdy portable garages can also hold many other items you need to store for a short period or longer. Whether you are a professional or a private customer, we can supply you with a portable garage to meet your requirements. You may want to store a car, a small boat, a trailer, a jet ski, a garden tractor or various materials or goods. Please note that if you need something bigger than our portable garages, we also......

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Safety equipment from Dancover with storm straps and more

Safety equipment plays an important part in any marquee experience. When you arrange a party or any kind of event inside and around a marquee or a pop-up gazebo, safety plays a central role. Fortunately, you can make any marquee or pop-up gazebo safe by using some safety equipment that Dancover offer as part of the vast range of marquees and more. By following a few simple safety rules, you can make your party or event a success without having to worry about accidents due to unforeseen weather conditions and more. Please......

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