Wood storage for nicely stored fiirewood

It is important to have the right storage solution for your firewood to keep it dry and nicely stacked. Our maintenance-free wood storage in lightweight metal will store and shelter your firewood in an elegant and effective way. By having ProShed® wood storage in metal, you do not have to worry about rust, rod or peeling. In short, no maintenance! The strong and durable wood storage is made in an elegant panel design, which makes it possible to place the lightweight structure almost anywhere. We all know that firewood is a wonderful......

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Metal sheds from ProShed for organising the garden tools and more

Metal sheds, tool sheds or garden sheds – no matter what you prefer to call our sturdy and popular metal sheds from ProShed®, they are a perfect choice, when you want to have all your garden tools and other equipment stored and sheltered in the same place. Life simply becomes a little easier when you have everything right at hand – like the lawnmower, garden tools and all the other things you need for keeping the garden looking fine – or things for the patio and more. Having everything nicely stored inside......

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