portable folding garage

Folding tunnel garages are flexible and spacious

A large and spacious folding tunnel garage can protect your caravan, camper, or motorhome when it is not in use. Often you will have your caravan and more stored for the winter, and why not keep it stored in a high-quality folding tunnel garage. Our innovative, sturdy, and flexible FleXgarage™ folding tunnel garages are designed to protect your caravan and other large vehicles against dust, rain, UV-rays, bird droppings and accidental bumps and scratches. The innovative and flexible construction of the tunnel garage makes it quick and easy to use despite the......

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Folding garages from Dancover

Folding garages from Dancover is an elegant and efficient storage solution for your car or MC. Our innovative, flexible, and portable folding garages are perfect for short-term storage as well as a long-term shelter for cars and more. When you park your car inside a folding garage, we recommend that you clean the vehicle if you are going to store the car for a longer time. For everyday use, the car or MC will be ready and dry when you protect it inside a folding garage. Look for our FlexGaragetm and FlexGaragetm......

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