Garden furniture for the summer

Garden furniture is an indispensable part of the garden life so many of us enjoy so much. Imagine a garden or patio without some high quality and elegant garden furniture – it would be a garden without the life that makes all the difference during especially summer. With the right furniture, you are able to relax and enjoy yourself together with family and friends. When you are busy and do not have time to sit in your garden furniture you can enjoy the look of your furniture on the patio or wherever......

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Parasols with a touch of class

Dancover covers it all – big or small, and that includes our wide range of products to give you shade and shelter. During the summer, we need to be able to get out of the Sun, to find shade as it often gets too hot during the day. Shade is also important when we want to protect ourselves from too much sun. With a parasol, a classic parasol or maybe one of the modern cantilever parasols, you will always have an area of your garden that will provide a nice shade during......

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Sun bed and sun lounger

You know the feeling. The weather is perfect, it´s your day off – and there is nothing you have to do right now. You take a cold drink, maybe a book and your sun cream. Then you head out for your sunbed, which is standing at the absolute best position in the garden. Here is beautiful and quiet. Here you can enjoy life, while lying in a quality sunbed so that you are relaxed and comfortable. Sunbeds in many shapes and colours Dancover har a wide range of sunbeds and sun loungers......

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