How to overwinter your plants inside a portable greenhouse

Portable greenhouses and winter protection plant tents will get your potted plants safely through the winter

A portable greenhouse or winter protection plant tent is excellent to have if you live in an area where your potted plants may need a little help to get safely through the winter. We are talking about many of the potted plants that accumulate on the patio, balcony or various places in the garden. We like to stress that we can supply you with portable greenhouses or winter protection plant tents, heaters and even large greenhouses – but when it comes to how you should treat your various plants, you have to ask at your local plant centre or consult the internet. Questions like: Do I need to water the plants in hibernation, should I prune the plants before the winter, and should I change soil before hibernation?   

Portable greenhouses are simple and effective   

These lightweight plant tents are designed to protect your precious potted plants through the winter. Some plants can endure almost any kind of weather, from hot to cold, while others may need a little help getting through winter. You may have room to move the potted plants inside somewhere protected, but if not, you can use these simple but effective winter protection plant tents. If you have a cold cellar, garage or greenhouse for storing the plants, the portable greenhouses protect your plants and keep them safe.

Keep your potted plants safe through winter

A problem with having potted plants outside during winter is the combination of rain and below-zero degrees. If the soil or the humus in the planter gets too wet, the water will freeze and expand if the temperature drops below zero. Then you risk a broken planter and damaged roots. Placing your potted plants inside a winter protection plant tent can prevent the rain from reaching the plants or the planter. Another danger to the plants is bare frost when the weather is cold, and there is no snow to protect the leaves.

Use the winter protection plant tent inside

Winter protection plant tents can also make a difference inside a greenhouse. If your greenhouse is not insulated and heated, the temperature inside will also be too cold for some plants. The same goes here: move your potted plants inside the portable greenhouse to protect the plants. If your plants need to be watered during winter, you have easy access due to the zip in the cover of the plant tent. We have a special heater you can use to keep a specific temperature inside the winter protection plant tent.  

Portable greenhouses for an early start in the spring

When the winter is over, you want to start planting new plants. Use the portable greenhouse as a regular greenhouse to protect the small plants at first – especially at night if it is too cold – or for extra heat during the day. The portable greenhouses are a flexible and affordable all-year solution! See all our various winter protection plant tents here: