Which type of greenhouse should you choose?

A Greenhouse makes the garden life even more wonderful

A greenhouse is a simple structure for growing all kinds of plants in a warm environment. When that is said, it can take a lot of work to find the right greenhouse for your garden and more, as there are so many different types of greenhouses! In the Dancover Greenhouse Guide, we have made an overview to help you through the preliminary selection process – finding the type of greenhouse you want. We offer hundreds of different greenhouses in all sizes, designs and materials. Here, you can get an overview of all the many possibilities you have when selecting a greenhouse:

Polycarbonate greenhouses – strong and durable

Polycarbonate greenhouses are classic greenhouses with steel frames or maybe an aluminium frame. The windows are sturdy polycarbonate, which is almost unbreakable and very light compared to glass. Polycarbonate has a perfect light transmission and will help you create the perfect growing conditions for all sorts of plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies, flowers and more. You can have polycarbonate greenhouses with clear or semi-transparent windows.

Glass greenhouses – classic elegance

A greenhouse with traditional glass windows is beautiful, classic, and by many considered a ‘real’ greenhouse because glass is what we used before. Our glass greenhouses have tempered glass as window panes, so the windows are strong and durable. Sometimes the clear glass requires curtains to protect the plants from too much direct sunlight.  

Orangeries – garden life at its best

A classic orangery can add style and elegance to your garden and patio. Our orangeries are large greenhouses with room for plants and furniture so that you can use the structure as an elegant garden gazebo. The large and beautiful orangeries provide room for relaxation, contemplation, growing flowers and much more. Enjoy the garden from inside the orangery in almost any kind of weather.

Lean-to greenhouses – the compact solution

Lean-to greenhouses are unique for the small garden or as an extra greenhouse on the patio or a balcony. Use it for seedlings in the spring and for all sorts of different flowers and herbs during the summer. Often, our lean-to greenhouses have no back wall, so you have to place it up against a wall. The lean-to greenhouses have the same qualities as a traditional greenhouse and can be used for all sorts of plants.

Mini greenhouses and cold frames – for spring start and a little extra joy  

Our mini-greenhouses and cold frames are intended for small gardens, patios, roof terraces, and balconies. A mini greenhouse is also perfect when you want a place with special growth conditions to grow many different plants – especially when you want to extend the garden season and start planting seeds, seedlings, and sprouts early in the spring. Did you know that a mini greenhouse or cold frame is perfect for salad and more in the autumn?

Snow-proof greenhouses – for areas with much snow

Our wide range of Snow-proof greenhouses includes solid and durable greenhouses with reinforced frames to withstand the weight of snow during winter. The robust snow-proof greenhouses are regular greenhouses with perfect growth conditions – just with a more robust frame. So, when the snow starts to fall, you can sleep at night knowing that your greenhouse is safe outside in the snow. Our snow-proof greenhouses have snow loads as high as 450 kg/m2!

Polytunnel greenhouses – the summer solution

A polytunnel greenhouse is an affordable alternative to more expensive greenhouses. You can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in no time with one of these easy-to-assemble greenhouses. A polytunnel greenhouse can extend the garden season, but please be aware that a polytunnel greenhouse is intended as a seasonal form of coverage and not as a permanent structure!

How to proceed from here

Was that too much information about greenhouses? Do not give up. Our Xperts can help you find and select just the right greenhouse for your garden and more. Call us, send an e-mail or use our chat, and we will answer any question you may have about our vast selection of high-quality greenhouses. Welcome to our world of beautiful greenhouses: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/greenhouses.aspx