Lightweight planters

Planters create ambience

Our new line of elegant planters will light up your garden or patio when the daylight disappears. The elegant planters have a built-in light for impressive ambience outside in the garden or inside if, you prefer. The beautiful planters come with an E27 bulb or similar, and all you have to do is plug it in, and you will have an amazing light source in combination with one or more plants of your choice. A beautiful combination of a light source and a planter Our new planters have beautiful white light and......

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Lightweight planters for all kinds of plants

Modern planters in lightweight and maintenance free materials provide you with elegant containers for all kinds of plants – small flowers and large plants alike. The modern planters are available in different looks and designs. Some of the planters look exactly like the traditional ceramic planters – they just weigh 1/10 and are made to be permanently outside all year round in all kind of weather. Use the modern, flexible planters from CosyLifeStyle on the patio or anywhere you want to make the surroundings a little more green and fresh. Planters for......

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Lightweight planters in modern design

Lightweight planters make your patio, garden or interiors look modern, lush, and fresh. Our lightweight planters come in three colours and two sizes, and you can grow more or less anything in the large planters – flowers, bushes and even a small tree. Place the elegant, lightweight planters outside to add style and ambience to your exterior and get the great flexibility that modern lightweight planters provide. When placed outside it is important that a planter has drainage, and the lightweight planters from CosyLifeStyle® have three holes in the bottom as a......

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