Spare Parts

Marquee UNICO in many colours

Most of us have a tradition of choosing a classic white marquee when we arrange a party or other kind of event. The tradition with white marquees is a fairly old tradition and thus a bit difficult to change. We do offer an alternative for those who want to break a tradition and try out a marquee with a bit more colour. At, we are proud to present a series of innovative and beautiful marquees in all the colours of the rainbow – almost. For your next party, may we suggest......

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Spare part for storage tent

Marquees and storage tents consist of many different bits and pieces. Our marquees and storage tents are made to last for many years, but we all know that accidents happen – maybe a part or two go missing or something is ruined during an event. In that case, you have a marquee or a storage tent to no use whatsoever. Dancover offers a great solution to that problem – a wide range of spare parts for our marquees as well as our storage tents. Marquees and storage tents last even longer with......

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