Awnings create a wonderful room right outside in the garden

Having an elegant awning over your patio provides a special place outside. Here you can spend hours with friends and family enjoying a barbecue or relaxing. You can also place an awning somewhere else with a garden wall or similar. Enjoy the shelter, where you can sit in the shade during the day and be sheltered from the falling dew in the evening. You just need a strong and stable wall to mount the awning. The various awnings are waterproof, so you can stay outside even when it rains a little. Furthermore,......

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Sun sails for pleasant shade

Sun sails may be the easiest, most affordable, and most elegant way to create perfect shadow wherever you want to have a place with pleasant shadow on one of those hot days. In short, an elegant sun sail will provide shade when you need to get away from the sun for a little while or for longer. Our selection of light and elegant sun sails can be mounted almost anywhere – over the patio, in the yard, over the children’s playpen, the spa, a dining area, and more. Enclosed with the sun......

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