Freestanding pergola

Wooden pergolas for a great room in the garden

A classic wooden pergola makes a beautiful room in your garden – or somewhere else, for that matter. You can place the wooden pergola on the patio or create a ‘secret’ room away from the house. Put some comfortable lounge furniture inside the pergola or maybe a dining table. We have launched a series of elegant wooden pergolas made of solid and durable glue-laminated spruce. Choose from various models in different sizes. They are all made of natural glue-laminated spruce, which is solid and durable, but we still recommend that you treat......

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Freestanding pergola for pleasant shade and shelter

The word pergola is from Italian, meaning something like ‘projection’. A pergola was initially made of wooden beams projecting from a house wall and supported by wooden posts at the end, away from the wall. A freestanding pergola is detached from the house and can be placed anywhere. You can use the freestanding pergola as a patio cover. Just place the pergola close to the house. Then, you do not have to attach anything to the house, so you do not make any marks on the façade. A freestanding pergola with a......

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