Wooden gazebos

Wooden pergolas for a great room in the garden

A classic wooden pergola makes a beautiful room in your garden – or somewhere else, for that matter. You can place the wooden pergola on the patio or create a ‘secret’ room away from the house. Put some comfortable lounge furniture inside the pergola or maybe a dining table. We have launched a series of elegant wooden pergolas made of solid and durable glue-laminated spruce. Choose from various models in different sizes. They are all made of natural glue-laminated spruce, which is solid and durable, but we still recommend that you treat......

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Wooden greenhouse with polycarbonate for perfect growth conditions

Elegant and modern wooden greenhouse in natural spruce and 4 mm opaque polycarbonate window panes. This unique greenhouse offers an amazing soft light inside thanks to the opaque polycarbonate panels, which have a light transmission of over 70 %. This will provide sufficient light to the plants and protect them from being scorched by too much sunlight, as one sometimes experiences with clear greenhouse windows. The elegant structure will extend the garden season and provide a wonderful place to grow all kinds of plants. This modern greenhouse can help you enjoy abundant......

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Wooden pavilions add style to most gardens

Wooden pavilions are elegant structures, which will add a lot of style and ambience to most gardens. The wooden pavilion is the perfect place for a wide array of things – having a meal, reading a book, painting, or just hanging out with family and friends in the shade. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful wooden pavilions in various sizes and materials. An elegant and sturdy wooden pavilion will soon become the natural place to be when you want to spend some time in the garden. A wooden pavilion......

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