triage tent

triage tents

When hospitals and other medical facilities have a hard time coping with the numbers of COVID-19 patients in need of triage, screening and treatment, interim structures like triage tents are in great demand. We offer a series of tents for triage, screening and other medical purposes and can offer to deliver all over Europe in just 1-2 days. We offer professional tents, pop-up gazebos and storage shelters for various kind of medical work such as triage, screening of patients, isolating patients, interim accommodation or simple storage of supplies and more. Our innovative......

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medical tents from Dancover

In the fight for the containment of the Covid-19 virus, every measure has been taken in countries all over Europe. Even if we follow the overall instructions from the authorities, many will still be infected. Soon we will see problems with the capacity at hospitals, medical facilities, and other places dealing with the people in need of help. Our professional tents, pop-up gazebos, and inflatable medical tents are perfect as interim triage, pre-triage, and screening rooms providing extra room for the many people in need of medical help. Fast delivery, quick set-up,......

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