Wooden saunas from Modularo

Saunas in durable Nordic wood for the garden

When having a sauna at home or at your summer home or similar, you have the luxury of using the sauna exactly when you want – and you decide who you want to share the pleasant experience with. We offer a wide range of saunas to enjoy at home in the garden. The unique outdoor saunas are made of beautiful and durable Nordic spruce. The concept of a sauna is thousands of years old. Like other good ideas, the idea of enjoying a steamy hot room for relaxation, pain relief and contemplation has been used by people worldwide. However, the word 'sauna' is Finnish, and one of the first written descriptions is from 1112. Did you know that 'sauna' is the only Finnish word used in the English language and that it simply means 'bath' or 'bathhouse'?

Enjoy to de-stress and treat your tense muscles in a sauna

When you spend time in a hot sauna, you can shut out the world for a little while and relax completely. You will enjoy growing warm and relaxed while your pulse rate increases and your blood vessels dilate making you feel alive. First of all, your heart starts pumping a little faster due to the heat inside the sauna. You start to sweat and a relaxed feeling spreads throughout your body. In short, you feel great! Having a sauna in the garden provides you with the option to turn on the sauna when you return home after work. Maybe you have spent a tiresome day at work, been exercising and have sore muscles or something else. Any which way - your body and mind will feel great when you spend time in your sauna.

An elegant sauna in Nordic wood for your garden

We have different types of saunas for your garden. How about a wooden barrel sauna or maybe you prefer a classic sauna cabin. Both types of saunas are made of natural and durable Nordic spruce. Having one of these high-quality saunas outside in the garden will be a wonderful luxury. The saunas in natural wood will look great anywhere you set it up in the garden. And you can look forward to endless hours of pure relaxation and stress relief. Maybe you prefer a wooden barrel sauna with one or two rooms and other nice features. You can also select the sauna cabin which is a bit more classic but with the same benefits. Having one of these nice saunas in the garden can help you relax, get rid of stress and relieve sore muscles.

Choose the sauna heater you want

Please note that our various saunas come as they are without a sauna heater! So, remember to order the sauna heater of your choice when you order a sauna. As you know, the sauna heater makes the magic inside the sauna by creating the wonderful heat and steam. We offer two different types of sauna heaters. A classic heater in stainless steel and a heater in the shape of a water drop. The latter is made for hanging on the wall inside the sauna. The iconic sauna stones are enclosed for both types of heaters.