Storage containers

Storage containers for safe and flexible storage.

Having one or more storage containers in hot-dip galvanised steel could be the perfect storage solution. The sturdy containers provide you with a safe, flexible, and affordable storage solution. The modern and elegant containers are weatherproof so you can place them outdoor is you want to. The containers will also provide fine storage room indoor. The two double-wing doors make access to the containers easy even with large objects. The doors are lockable to ensure secure storage of more or less everything as the containers will provide room for most things. An important feature is that you relatively easy can assemble and disassemble the storage containers. This high level of flexibility gives you all the extra storage room you need at any given time. Simply have the disassembled containers stored, so you can take them out whenever you need them. They do not take up very much space when disassembled. You can move the containers with a forklift truck or a crane. In short, these functional containers can provide you with the perfect storage room at all times.

Environmental storage containers for special materials.

If you need to store oil-based and flammable materials, we recommend that you store these materials inside one of our environmental storage containers with a bunded floor. To meet the special demands when having dangerous and flammable liquids and more in-store, you must have one or more of our environmental containers, which meet these special demands. One of the important features are the bunded floor, which will prevent chemical spillage and more. Having a special environmental storage container from Dancover will make sure that your stored chemicals and more are stored securely to protect you and the environment.

Storage containers and the various accessories.

We offer a series of accessories for strong and flexible storage containers. Feel free to order most of the accessories together with your storage container. You can order shelves, bunded shelves, drive-in ramp, gas cylinder holder, vandal bar, forklift guides, and air grille. Please note that some of these accessories must be purchased at the same time as ordering the container - other accessories can be purchased separately. The reason that you need to order together with the storage container is that the manufacturer will deliver the container with the accessories installed. Visit to see all the accessories and see more about ordering. You can also contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.