A-boards can be quite effective at both events and daily.

Having a good old-fashioned A-board or pavement sign may be very low-tech, but they are great at catching the attention of passers-by. You can see our sturdy and elegant A-boards outside shops in the street as well as inside shopping centres. Having a pavement sign or an A-board in front of your store or office, you make sure that passers-by have a chance to notice your business. It is an effective, elegant, and very affordable way to promote your business. Another great advantage of the A-boards is that you can replace the two posters - one on each side of the board. Change the graphic design and the message as often as you please. It is quite simple to renew the two posters in the A-board due to the easy-to-use snap-frame. Having a large poster on each side of the A-board, you can make sure that passers-by have a chance to see your offer or general message. Use the A-board for directing existing and potential customers to your store, café, restaurant, or office. This is useful if your shop or office is situated somewhere off the high street. Combine the directions with a great offer and your business will thrive.

A-boards will catch the eye of the passers-by and create attention.

The well-known A-boards or pavement signs have been named A-boards because they form the letter ‘A’ when you look at it from the side. You will also hear the boards named ‘sandwich boards’. The simple and sturdy street signs are extremely simple and safe to use. It is very simple to place the A-board in front of your shop when you open in the morning. Just be sure to take the sign inside when you close at night. You can fasten the A-sign with a wire lock if you want to make sure that it stays where you have put it! You can have two different kinds of A-boards: the modern lightweight A-boards in aluminium or the classic black pavement signs made of galvanised steel. Both types of A-boards have room for two posters measuring 70x100 cm - one poster on each side of the board. You can use the A-boards for various types of information and special offers. Restaurants and cafes often use the A-board to present the menu of the day, while other shops present a more general type of info. Theatres and music venues can present the overall program or the program for this evening. Consider your A-board as an empty canvas, frame, or blackboard where you can put anything you like. Use a printed poster or write something yourself. No matter, the A-sign will be a great way to present your business being it a special offer, the menu of the day, musical entertainment, or directions to your shop and more. Put an elegant A-board out in the street, and many people will see your message!