An elegant carpet can change your marquee and add style.

A carpet in your marquee will transform an ordinary marquee into something wonderful and inviting. If you spend a little more time and money on the event and lay a floor with a carpet, you will enhance the experience significantly. Your guest will come to a room with a completely different look and feel compared to a normal event inside a marquee where you only have the lawn or the flagstones as a floor. A marquee is an affordable and perfect solution when you need room for an important event. Whether you arrange a wedding, confirmation, christening, birthday or other important events in the family, it is important that you create the best possible setting. With a marquee, you can more or less have all the room you want for as many guests as you want. We are the leading supplier of elegant high-quality marquees in Europe and you can always find the marquee you need at our shop.

A carpet for your marquee will create a wonderful setting.

You can also find most of all the other things you need to make the event a success. We offer a wide range of stacking chairs, folding chairs, folding tables, lighting, heaters, tablecloths, flooring and carpets, and much more. The elegant carpets come in classic red or black and it will look great at any event. Some people feel that it is too much trouble to have flooring and a carpet inside a marquee. The argument being that the event only takes one day. We argue that you should go all the way, because the event only takes one day and therefore it should be a day to remember. Have you attended a party in a marquee with flooring and a carpet? Have you been to an event with flagstones or grass inside the marquee? Then you know the difference and we are sure that you would prefer the elegant look and feel of a carpet anytime. Another advantage is that the flooring and carpet will insulate the marquee so you do not feel the potentially damp and moist ground underneath.

Carpets for your marquee for all the festive events and more.

As mentioned, an elegant carpet with plane flooring will provide your marquee with a feeling of class. With flooring and a carpet for your next important event in a marquee, you will experience a wonderful look and feel. The carpet will quite simply change the marquee into a full-blown functioning or banqueting room. Furthermore, when having installed flooring and a carpet inside your marquee, all your tables and chairs will stand much more stable compared to having furniture directly on the lawn or similar. That is why it is a good idea to spend a little more to lift the entire event. Whether you are planning a family event or a professional event, it will be much better with flooring and a carpet. Imagine your next professional event – a fair, product launching, or the company summer party without these important ingredients. To top it all, roll out a red carpet runner outside the marquee, and your guests will be impressed and feel very welcome.