Greenhouses in various materials for perfect growth.

We offer the widest range of high-quality greenhouses on the European market. You can have everything from the lightweight and affordable polytunnel greenhouses up to our commercial greenhouse tunnels for professional growers and farmers. Various kinds of greenhouses have been popular for many years, but we have experienced an increased interest over the last few years. This may have to do with the general interest in a healthy lifestyle, organic food, local produce, and the sheer joy of producing your food. Furthermore, by the fact that you can purchase a high-quality greenhouse at a very reasonable price.

A greenhouse prolongs the garden season significantly.

By having an elegant and durable greenhouse in the garden, you can enjoy your garden for an even longer period every year. Start in the early spring by planting vegetables and more and enjoy your greenhouse way into the autumn depending on the produce you have selected. No matter which kind of greenhouse you select - a quite simple and affordable polytunnel greenhouse or the more sturdy polycarbonate greenhouses - you do not need to have ‘green fingers’ to produce tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, grapes, or beautiful flowers. The sun is doing most of the work as long as you make sure to water the plants.

Greenhouses in many sizes, designs, materials, and price levels.

Greenhouses are available in many sizes so you can have the greenhouse to match your garden, budget, and dreams. We offer a wide range of different greenhouses: the affordable polytunnel greenhouses, the traditional greenhouses made of aluminium and with windows in the strong, durable polycarbonate - we even offer greenhouse film so you can build your DIY greenhouse. Having any kind of greenhouse makes it possible to grow almost any kind of produce you like - even plants that would not grow outside in the garden.

Greenhouses for everybody - from the garden enthusiasts to the professionals.

Our greenhouses are maintenance-free and they create the perfect growing conditions almost anywhere. Do you live in areas with much snow? Then we can offer you a range of snow-proof greenhouses perfect for your parts of the world. We offer a wide range of greenhouses for the hobby gardener as well as the professional grower. We also have a wide range of greenhouse accessories such as irrigation systems, ventilation windows, raised flowerbeds, and more. Do you have questions about any of our many greenhouses, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.