Parasols for pleasant shade and elegant style.

It would be difficult to be without a parasol or two when you are outside in the garden and some other place where the sun is shining. Parasols play an important part when you are outside under the open sky - on the patio, on the beach, by the pool, and more. Apart from providing pleasant shade, an elegant parasol will look perfect together with various garden furniture and more. Use the parasol to create shade when you are enjoying yourself in the lounge furniture or when you are sitting at the dinner table outside on the patio. When the sun has settled, use the parasol to shelter you from the falling dew. In the evening, at parasol with elegant parasol light will assemble the lounge area and create an almost magical ambience.

Parasols to protect you and the children from UV-rays.

Most of love when the sun is shining but we have to remember to protect ourselves against the UV-rays. Apart from sunscreen, we can stay in the shade from a parasol or similar to avoid too much sun. When you have children, use a parasol to create shade where they play. Apart from providing shade, a parasol can somewhat help you regulate the temperature when you can get away from the direct sun and cool off in the shade. Our wide range of high-quality parasols comes in many designs and sizes and they all have great functionality so they are easy to handle. You can have round parasols and square parasols, classic parasols and cantilever parasols, which can rotate to provide optimal shade all day.

Cantilever parasols for even more style and functionality.

It is important that your parasol has a nice design and looks great on your patio. The functionality of the parasol is also of great importance. It should be easy to handle the parasol, so you can open and close the parasol very easily - and preferable rotate it to follow the sun during the day. We offer a wide range of elegant parasols, which meet all these demands. Apart from creating shade, the parasol also has a life after sunset where it can prevent the falling dew from falling onto the furniture and people underneath it. Please note that we cover the entire range from small parasols for private customers to large professional parasols for hotels, restaurants, and more. Do you have questions about any of our various parasols, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.