Event furniture

Event furniture is an important part of any event.

The various event furniture from Dancover includes a wide range of sturdy and flexible furniture, which are suitable for most kind of events such as private parties and professional events. It takes quite a few things to make any event a success. You will need tables and chairs for most events, but that is not nearly enough. Having elegant and comfortable event furniture will make a great start, but you will also need lighting, decorations, maybe a marquee, a pop-up gazebo or other settings to hold the event. A great start though will be the elegant and professional event furniture from Dancover. Are you arranging a professional event, your company are presented elegantly and professionally with our event equipment. Are you arranging a private party? Then our comfortable and affordable event furniture will be a great asset to the event.

We deliver event furniture for all kinds of parties and events.

The right event furniture can make a big difference at your event and you can present your company in style and make your guests feel welcome. Use our various professional event furniture to make an inviting stand at the fair, a functional market booth, or a stylish function room for your guests and customers. You can choose our classic stacking chairs or make it a little more colourful with our LED furniture, which offers all the colours of the rainbow and various effects. When you have selected the event furniture you want, we can also supply you with all the other things you need to make your upcoming fair, product launching, sports event, or company party a great success. Do you want to brand your company? See our large selection of digitally printed pop up gazebo where you can have your logo, payoff, and photos printed on the cover. Furthermore, you can have roller banner, folding display banner, feather flags and beach flags, pop up banners, and much more. Please contact our Xperts if you have questions about our event furniture or some of the many other professional products for all kinds of events.

Event furniture with built-in LED light for a great effect.

Our elegant LED-furniture will guarantee you a lot of positive attention. You can use the beautiful and spectacular LED furniture indoor or outside as you please. The rechargeable LED event furniture have built-in light with many different effects and colours, and everything controlled with remote control and no cord! The LED event furniture series include comfortable chairs, elegant tables and a series of balls and cubes that literally will light up your event. The elegant LED event furniture will look amazing inside or outside a marquee, on the patio, or around a pool.